Mental Health Literacy for Young Children

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

  • Helps Children Navigate The Difficult Transitions They Will Face in School and Life

  • Provides a Framework for Building Resilience and Fostering Long-Term Mental Health

  • Creates Skills for Empathetic Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership

Course Outline

Elementary Student Lessons (3 Hours)

Short video lessons are followed by workbook activities to reinforce learning and limit screen time.

Part 1 - Released on 9/15

  1. Your Workbook
  2. Making Balanced Choices
  3. Brain Pathways
  4. Brain Chemicals
  5. Understanding Resilience
  6. The Four S's:
    1. Self
    2. Situation
    3. Supports
    4. Strategies

Part 2 - Released on 9/21

  • The Ant and its Tools:
    1. Walkie-Talkie
    2. Sleeping Bag
    3. Snacks
    4. Hiking Boots
    5. Map
    6. Binoculars
    7. Merit Badge

  • The Grasshopper:
    1. Ready to Play
    2. Celebrating
    3. Fight, Flight, Freeze

Part 3 - Released on 9/28

    1. Respect
    2. Equity
    3. Alliances
    4. Control
    5. Territory
    6. Similarities

  • The Resilient Mindset Model
  • Mindfulness
  • Making Stress Your Friend
  • What is Trauma?
  • Talking it Out

Free Webinar with Purchase

As a parent purchasing the course, you will get immediate access to Dr. Donna Volpitta's acclaimed 1-Hour parenting webinar. The information within will help you get ahead of the many struggle we may be facing this upcoming school year.

  • Learn about your child's growing brain, how it reacts to challenges, and how you can use challenges to build resilience

  • Get real-world strategies for proactive parenting and resolving common conflicts that arise in families

  • Build a framework for fostering mental health that you will use today and throughout the adolescent stage of your child's development

Elementary Parent Webinar Outline (1 Hour)

  1. Brain Science 101
  2. The Resilient Mindset Model
  3. Proactive Parenting & Conflict Resolution
  4. Mental Health Literacy


Founder of Pathways to Empower

Dr. Donna Volpitta

Always an educator, Dr. Volpitta loves finding ways to translate neuroscience so that people can apply it to their own lives. Her work is grounded in the latest research in neurology, psychology, and education. She is the co-author of The Resilience Formula, author of Neuroworld, co-creator of the Nametags Education Program, and is a sought-after speaker. A former classroom teacher (and mother of 4 adolescents!) with experience in both general and special education, Donna holds a doctoral degree in Learning Dis/Abilities from Teachers College, Columbia University.